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Andy Durrett



  • Property disputes

  • Mineral right ownership and concursus proceedings

  • Residential, commercial and mineral lease disputes

  • Products liability actions

  • Breach of contract

  • Indemnity and defense obligations

  • Succession proceedings

  • Legacy lawsuit defense

  • Ownership of water bottoms

  • Swamp Lands Act

  • Sixteenth Section lands

  • LA State and Federal Court experience





  • Commercial transactions

  • Surface and mineral title opinions

  • Mortgage and public records searches, including SONRIS and Clerk of Court Offices

  • Curative title amendments

  • Servitudes and rights of way

  • Mineral right conveyances

  • Mineral lease and oilfield property conveyances

  • UCC Title 9 and immovable property security interests

  • Government and civil construction contracts

  • Domestic and International master service agreements, subcontracts and labor supply agreements

  • Upstream and downstream contracts

  • Intellectual property and proprietary information advice

  • Franchise, confidentiality, non-disclosure and noncompete agreements

  • Consulting and employment agreements

  • Onshore and offshore fabrication, transportation and installation contracts

  • Contracts for security, including parent company, bank and advance payment guarantees

  • Due diligence requests; analysis and advice for investments or divestitures




State Agency

  • Unit Applications and Hearings

  • Cooperation with and appeals to LA DEQ and DNR

  • Assistance with and response to Compliance Orders

  • Compulsory and voluntary contamination clean-up

  • Experience with Act 312 and Statewide Order 29-B